Located in the Emmasdale residential area of the city of Lusaka, Emmasdale Baptist Church is a daughter church of Lusaka Baptist Church. We attained full autonomy from the mother church on 16th September 2018.

We have a vision of planting biblical churches in other townships within the city of Lusaka and in other cities and towns within the country as the Lord leads.

History & Identity

Lifeway Baptist Church

Emmasdale Baptist Church got involved in Missions way before being weaned off by starting some work in the 10 miles area on the outskirts of Lusaka in Chibombo district where Lifeway Baptist Church has been planted. Lifeway, which currently meets at Muwanjuni Primary School, was launched on March 20th 2016. A church plot has since been bought 1.7km along the road to chief Mungule where permanent church structures will be built. Elder Johnson Jilowa Malipenga is providing oversight at the church plant.

Doctrine  & Beliefs

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