to promote spiritual growth in the lives of women and participation in the growth of the Church.
To have a united, mature and active group of women in the Church
The following are the objective of the Ladies Fellowship:
  1. General Objectives
    • To encourage the Women to know the Lord personally through the Word and become committed in the growth of the Church.
    • To cultivate the spirit of personal devotion, prayer , service and commitment to the Lord.
    • To promote the spirit of Unity and Togetherness among the women.
    • To promote Biblical Womanhood through learning together and group involvement in the service of the Church.
    • To promote the identification of one's Spiritual Gifts and use of them for the building of the Church.
    • To encourage women to participate in the Church activities.
  2. Specific Objectives
    • To meet the needs of women Spiritually, Socially, Physically, emotionally, psychologically and intellectually through:
      • The Word
      • Prayer
      • Fellowship
      • Visitation
      • Social Outings and
      • Counselling.