The ministry was launched on 21st January, 2017, with a devotion (Proverbs 27:17) by Elder Chiwele - Lusaka Baptist Church at a breakfast meeting.

The Ministry was renamed “Men of Exploits” during the launch.
To develop and strengthen the characteristics of Christ in the men and young men of Emmasdale Baptist Church as iron sharpens iron (Proverbs 27:17)
  • To serve God through support of the Mission of Emmasdale Baptist Church with the unique callings that God has given to men;
  • Increase our knowledge of and strengthen our relationship with God that we may have the power through the Holy Spirit to stand and act in His righteousness as males created in His image;
  • The purpose of the Men’s Ministry is to cultivate a strong bond among all men of the Church and to show others that we are striving for perfection in God’s sight;
  • to be a ministry for service;
  • to witness and praise the goodness of our Lord Jesus Christ and to fellowship;
  • to mentor the young men in need of guidance;
  • to help others outside the fold to come in and give their life to Christ.
  • to serve the Church in any capacity as required;
  • to support each other with prayer, biblical principles, and fellowship; and
  • to form a cohesive bond among all men.